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"Jane, I'm very grateful to you for teaching me. I learned a lot from these lessons and improved my oral English much. 

You have standard pronunciation which my school's English teacher can't match. You're such an experienced teacher that explained the points to me patiently and clearly every time I made a mistake or got stuck in trouble.

In class we saw different cultures, different jobs, different kinds of food and various interesting things in the world. This would be a good memory of mine.

I so appreciated for these lessons and I will study hard to make more progress in days to come. 

Thank you very much, teacher."


Robbie - Student 2020

"Jane is a professional, reliable and knowledgeable tutor. She helped me to prepare for my IELTS writing test . I would definitely recommend her as tutor."


D.D - IELT's Student 2018

"Great Teacher!

I have started the English lessons when I arrived in London three years ago, I'm from Italy and I had a very basic understanding so Carl quickly managed to adapt the level to meet mine. He was very professional and friendly and he made me progress one step at the time! He is very experienced and knowledgeable. He keeps his lesson effective, engaging and fun. Carl is very patient and available. I can’t thank him enough for all the help that he gave me, with he’s help I was able to improve my English and to find a job in London. I left the country but we are still on touch so I can practice my English and try to improve my accent! I will definitely recommend him as a tutor!"


M.F -  Student 2018

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"Carl is a great teacher, with his help I was able to improve my english level from beginner to advanced. He is very patient and made me feel very comfortable . He keeps his lessons effective, engaging and fun. I overcame my fear to speak fluently, also improving my pronunciation and english intonation. During the classes he demands your full focus and intensity to learn as much as possible in the lessons.
Overall it’s a very good experience to attend his lessons, definitely I recommend him as a teacher.


M.R - Student 2018

"Jane's teaching method and her devotion to coach are really impressive. When I am stuck with my homework or I am struggling with a grammar rule she always guides me through my difficulties with an effective teaching approach. These keep me more motivated to achieve a higher score in the IELTS exam. Even though, I have got less time to do my homework because of my working hours, I couldn't help noticing the development of my English. All in all, I would recommend her to everybody who wants to improve his/her English knowledge."


A.I - IELT's Student 2018