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UK English Tutors

UK English Tutors provide tuition in North and West London in a wide variety of subjects and at different levels from Key Stage 1 to adult literacy. Lessons are designed to give personal help tailored to the needs of the individual. Personal tuition can give a much needed boost at exam time or cover ground lost when pupils have missed time at school.








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English Language


UK English Tutors courses cover beginning, intermediate and advanced levels of speaking, listening, reading and writing in English, including grammar and literature skills. 

Whether you are preparing for an IELTS, ESOL or TESOL exam, or just want to improve your English, we can help.

Key Stages 1 to 4 (GCSE)

English & Maths

UK English Tutors will support your child in English and Maths from Key Stage 1, right through to Key Stage 4 (GCSE) making sure they are on track with the targets set by the National Curriculum as well as helping them through their assessments and addressing any difficulties at each stage.

Specialist courses are also offered for SATs and 11+ entry exams.



You have spent hours on your work, and the content is important, but surface errors such as misspelling and mistakes in grammar and punctuation will distract the reader from what you have to say. This might not be the good first impression that you want. From essays to journal entries, UK English Tutors will proofread your work to give the lasting impressions your writing deserves.