Simple corrections of spelling.


Punctuation checks


Formatting and clarity


Correction of grammatical errors

You have spent hours on your work, and the content is important, but surface errors such as misspelling and mistakes in grammar and punctuation will distract the reader from what you have to say. This might not be the good first impression that you want. From essays to journal entries, UK English Tutors will proofread your work to give the lasting impressions your writing deserves.

Proofreading Fees

Email Service

Standard (3+ days)         £12 per 1000 words

Within 48 hrs                  £14 per 1000 words

Within 24 hrs/Same Day  £16 per 1000 words


Face-to-Face Service    

£25 per hour excluding evenings and weekends

£35 per hour evenings and weekends



If light editing is required due to the complexity of the work, we will give you a quote before work commences and guarantee the price quoted.

Proofreading Questions

What is the difference between proofreading and copy-editing?

There is a clear distinction between proofreading and copy-editing. 


Copy-editing is done before proofreading and involves intensive editing  to ensure your document is easy to understand and easy to read.

Proofreading is the process of reviewing the final draft of, for example, an essay before submission, and involves the checking of mistakes in spelling, punctuation, grammar and formatting to ensure consistency and accuracy.


We do offer in addition to proofreading a light editing service which involves checking the consistency in the layout of your document and deleting and re-wording parts of the text to ‘improve’ it.